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Ireland's heritage and history provides us with a deep well of spiritual insight and wisdom. From the prayer of St. Patrick to the lives of St. Brigid and Brendan the Navigator to the idea of the Anam Cara (Soul-Friend) and the writings of John O'Donoghue, there is so much that we can learn from those who have gone before us. The theme for this year's conference is Our Ancient Future and we'll be exploring what these ancient wisdom, traditions and practices can mean for our ministry and service in Europe's universities.

Our Keynote Speakers will focus primarily on this theme while the workshops and papers will explore chaplaincy and pastoral care best practice in universities in the global context. 


Keynote Speakers

Our Keynote Speakers for CEUC 2018 have been chosen on the basis of their knowledge of Irish spirituality and their experience and expertise as researchers and reflective practitioners in the context of their work. 


Call For Papers

The workshops and papers presented at CEUC 2018 will be a combination of local practitioners and members of the CEUC Network who will help us explore best practice in our specialised area of ministry. 

If you would like to apply to present a paper at CEUC 2018, please provide the following:

  • A title and one-page summary of your proposal with particular emphasis on how it contributes to best practice of chaplaincy in higher education.
  • A short bio for our publicity and promotional material. 
  • Any audio-visual needs your presentation will require.